7 Reasons You Need a Mooresville Roof Inspection Before Summer

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As the weather gets warmer and we start to shift from spring into summer, most people have their attention on their summertime plans for vacation, work, leisure, and all the other things people do when the mercury’s at its highest. What many people don’t realize is the role their residential or commercial roof plays in keeping the people who live, work, and play there comfortable and safe—and why it’s so important to make having your roof in Iredell County, Lake Norman, or Mooresville inspected a priority soon! With this in mind, here are seven reasons why you should have a roof inspection done before summer from your friends and neighbors at Ultimate Roofing!


1. You can expect to get 20 years or more of service from your roof, with regular roofing inspections and roof repair when needed.


A roof doesn’t just make homes more beautiful or assist in keeping heavy weather, rain, and hail off your head. Your roof also plays a huge role in keeping the temperature and humidity in your house or business stable and comfortable year-round. No matter what kind of roof material your Mooresville NC area roof’s made of, residential and commercial roofing systems require regular inspections by a properly certified local roofing company to continue to meet your expectations for performance, comfort, and safety. Ultimate Roofing’s Mooresville, North Carolina roof inspectors can inspect your roof for damage when needed. Our roof inspector will also provide you with roof certification if your roof’s good to go or give you a roof estimate and quote for roofing repair if needed. Our certified, trained professionals are qualified to inspect any roof, including those made from:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Cedar shake roof
  • Green shingle roof
  • Gutters
  • Low slope and flat roof systems
  • Seamless metal roofing
  • Slate tile
  • TPO roofing
  • Wood shake roofing


2. Weather and storm damage is hard to see from the ground.


Your roof is under more stress than you realize as it works to protect your living or working environment. A variety of stressors and strain points, ranging from changes in the weather to seam spreading caused by fluctuations in temperature and moisture between the roof and the building interior, all serve to work on weakening your roof’s structural integrity and undermining its performance. 

Unfortunately, many property owners incorrectly believe they can spot pressure and potential failure points in their roofing installations at a glance– thus eliminating the need for a professionally done Mooresville roofing inspection. 

Worst of all, they only find out how wrong they are when it is too late and what could have been a simple roofing solution has turned into a huge headache with a high roof replacement cost to get their home repaired. It’s always better and easier, and usually cheaper hiring professionals when you need your roof inspected than it is to wait until your roofing needs cannot be ignored anymore!


3. Homeowners’ insurance doesn’t like writing checks to cover insurance claims.


Your homeowners’ insurance policy may look great on paper. They’re designed to give their customers a sense of security and make them feel like someone they can trust has their back if things go pear-shaped, especially if your policy has words like “platinum” in the language. 

But no matter how good the policy looks, your insurance adjuster is not your friend, and even the most popular insurance carrier is not there to assist you. 

When they’re called to come out and evaluate the damage to your home or business, you can bet on them looking with eagle eyes for any reason they can think of to toss your claim in the round file—and there are dismayingly many of them that an experienced adjuster can find. One of the first things they’ll want to know is when you last had roofing services, including an inspection. If you have your roof regularly inspected by Mooresville’s roofing professionals, you can hand the insurance adjuster our business card, and we’ll do everything we can to help make sure your insurance carrier makes good on your claim!


4. Having your roof inspected by qualified, certified roof inspectors now can help you avoid emergency roofing calls later!


This may seem obvious by now, but it’s amazing how many people overlook the fact that it’s easier, and by far cheaper, to perform small repair services during a routine inspection than it is to deploy an entire team on an emergency basis for a complete tear-off and rebuild of a roof that’s been neglected for too long and suffers a catastrophic failure. 

Ultimate Roofing goes above and beyond to make sure your roof is up to the most challenging weather conditions North Carolina can dish out, and our workmanship always goes the extra mile to keep you and your family safe, comfy, and cozy even on the hottest days and coldest nights. 

With a complete menu of services, fair pricing, and decades of combined experience in roofing inspection and repair, Ultimate Roofing is the source for quality roofs Lake Norman and the Charlotte metro area trusts!


5. A good roof increases curb appeal and property value.


Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home or business, the outside really does matter. A good-looking, well-performing roof makes any building in any zip code look better, while a ragged, tired-looking, leaking roof can drag down your property’s value in a big hurry! 

Ultimate Roofing’s specialty is inspecting roofs to make sure they perform the way they should.

 When your roof needs a little extra TLC to boost curb appeal and property value, we also do roofing repairs ranging from simple leak fixes to complete restorations. We use only quality products from trusted names such as Owens Corning, so you know you’re getting results you can trust. And best of all, we back all our work with an industry-leading warranty and service you can only get from a company whose very name promises the “Ultimate!”


6. The weather won’t wait.


Summer is arguably the most chaotic time of year for North Carolina weather. One minute you could be standing in bright, warm sunshine, and the next minute, you would be running for cover as a hailstorm hits seemingly out of nowhere. 

Because the weather in these parts tends to be so variable, the best time to have your roof inspected by Ultimate Roofing is before summer gets into its full stride. 

We can identify and fix areas that need special attention before they fail, helping you feel more secure and confident that your roof is up to even the most extreme seasonal challenges while reducing the likelihood of needing heavier repairs later in the season.


7. A good roof can keep you and the people you care about healthier.


Your roof does a lot more than you realize to help keep you and your family safe and healthy. 

While a good roof may not keep you safe from severe illnesses like COVID-19, it does work in conjunction with your home’s HVAC systems to promote airflow and help allow allergens and germs to escape before they can make you or the people you care about sick. 

The problem is that your roof’s performance is only as good as its condition. A pre-summer roofing inspection can help ensure your home or business is a safer, healthier environment for the people who live and work there for years to come.

As you can see, there’s really no downside to having your roof inspected—and plenty of reasons why not doing so could create genuine problems sooner than you think. 

If you want to save money, time, and worry and have more freedom to enjoy the summer to come, call Ultimate Roofing at (704) 285-1075 or click here to contact us and schedule an appointment for one of our skilled professional roofing inspectors to take a look at your property.

 And to find out more about how a roofing inspection can keep you and the people you care about safer, healthier, and comfier throughout the summer and the rest of the year ahead, keep reading for our answers to FAQs about roof inspections from business and homeowners just like you!


Frequently Asked Questions About Mooresville Roof Inspection


Ultimate Roofing is the top BBB-rated roofing inspection company on your side and is here to help with honest answers about all things roofing-related, so you can make the best choices for yourself and the people who depend on you!


Question: How do I know if I need a roof inspection? –Matt, Troutman, NC

Answer: It’s a good idea to have your roof regularly inspected to make sure there’s no damage. 

Within the home, if you notice signs of leakage, water damage, or drafts from your roof or the ceiling directly beneath the roof, you should call for a roof inspection immediately to make sure a small problem doesn’t become a big headache. 

Outside the home, you can look for missing or damaged shingles, warped roof boards, holes, and similar issues. If you notice these, or your roofline simply doesn’t look smooth and flush anymore, a roof inspection can help correct small issues before they get out of control!


Question: When should I have my roof inspected? –Helen, Hickory, NC

Answer: The first rule of thumb is, that you should have your roof inspected at least once a year, in the spring or fall. Twice is better because winter weather and storm damage often behaves differently and has different symptoms, causes, and solutions than those caused by summer weather. 

If you can’t remember when your roof was inspected last, you’re already overdue. 

Remember, every day you wait to have your roof inspected is a day that any existing damage, flaws, or weaknesses in your roof are getting worse—and Mother Nature won’t wait for normal business hours to throw an emergency at you!


Question: Why can’t I inspect my roof myself? –Scott, Davidson, NC

Answer: We don’t recommend that untrained personnel attempt to inspect their own roofs for several reasons. First, it’s unlikely a non-roofer would have the correct safety equipment and gear to safely get up to and down from the roof without risking injury. Second, an untrained person could cause more damage because they may not recognize a flawed or weak point in the roof for what it is until they put their foot through it, which also circles back to the risk of injury. 

Third, a professional roofing inspector will notice indications of an incipient problem that an untrained person likely will not and can pinpoint it more quickly and with less danger to the building or the occupants. 

Some things really are best left to the professionals, so please don’t take chances with your safety or the structural integrity of your roof. Instead, call Ultimate Roofing and let us do the work the right way!


Question: How much does a roof inspection cost? –Janice, Lake Norman, NC

Answer: It depends on the type of construction, i.e., residential versus commercial; the size of the roof in question; the type of roofing material used; how much if any damage is identified and where it’s located; and similar factors. What we can tell you right off the bat is that a Mooresville roof inspection is almost always cheaper than needing a major roofing repair because we can identify and fix small problems before they get out of hand!


Question: What do you look for during a roof inspection? –Linda, Mooresville, NC

Answer: A complete roof inspection looks at the siding, fascia, shingles, gutters, chimneys, exhaust ports, and other structural elements for any signs of damage or malfunction. We check to make sure the roof’s slope, or “pitch,” is even and level. 

We look for signs of water infiltration, shingle damage, structural stress, mold growth, or other indications of a potential problem with the roof. 

A lot of how we approach a roofing inspection depends on the size, shape, materials, pitch, and similar factors, but we’re happy to keep in communication with you and give you a complete list of the items we’ve checked on your roof when the inspection is complete!


Question: What should I expect during a roof inspection? –Harvey, Indian Trail, NC

Answer: When you schedule Ultimate Roofing to inspect your roof, we will be there on time, with the correct equipment to get up on the roof safely. While we’re there, we’ll check the entire roof surface for indications of damage, wear, or weathering. This means you will likely hear us walking around on the roof. 

When we’re done with the inspection, we will sit down and go over our findings and recommendations with you so there are no surprises. 

If required, we will also provide you a quote for any repairs needed, as well as the reasons they’re necessary. This gives you maximum control over your roofing repair and puts the final call on what does and doesn’t happen where it belongs—with you!


Question: Do you maintain COVID-19 safety protocols when you do roofing inspections? –Jake, Charlotte, NC

Answer: Yes, we do! We take coronavirus safety very seriously, which is why we emphasize social distancing, masking up when inside customer spaces, the use of hand sanitizer, and proper handwashing protocols. We don’t want to get sick, and we don’t want our staff, families, or customers to get sick either. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure our personnel and customers stay safe and healthy, and it’s just one more reason why Ultimate Roofing is the roofing inspection contractor you can trust!


Question: I called to have my roof inspected for damage after the last storm, but I’m not sure the company I talked to will get here in time. Can Ultimate Roofing help? –Enid, Mint Hill, NC

Answer: Yes, we can! Ultimate Roofing takes a great deal of pride in being the most responsive roofer around, which is why more people in the Charlotte metro area rely on us to perform their roof inspections. Simply email us at info@ultimateroofinginc.com, and we’ll get you on the schedule as quickly as possible, so any damage your roof has sustained doesn’t get any worse before the next big weather event hits!


Question: What is the most common sign that a roof inspection is needed? –Aloysius, China Grove, NC

Answer: Inside a given building, water leaks during or after a storm are usually the first major indicator that your roof needs attention ASAP. Outside, you may notice missing tiles, shakes, or shingles, or that your roof looks “furry” rather than flat, smooth, and even. Sometimes, the danger signs may be even more overt, such as a tree branch sticking out of your roof or a large hole where you never had a skylight before. If you see any of these signs, you should definitely call Ultimate Roofing at (704) 285-1075 right away to schedule an inspection and get a handle on the situation before it gets any worse!


Question: Will Ultimate Roofing help me with my homeowners’ insurance claim? –Primo, Statesville, NC

Answer: Ultimate Roofing is happy to work with property owners to help them pursue legitimate policy claims, including claims arising from roof damage. 

It’s always easier to verify a claim when your property’s roof has been inspected regularly because this creates a paper trail that says, “On date A, damage B was not present. On date C, after weather event D, damage B was observed.” 

However, if you haven’t had your roof inspected, we will still do everything we ethically can to provide you with all the information you need to get the money you deserve from your property owner’s policy.


Question: What do I need to do to be ready for my roof inspection? –Mike, Harrisburg, NC

Answer: Depending on how we need to access the roof, we may need someone of legal age to be home and available to answer the door and let our inspector in. If we’re using a ladder and going up the outside for the inspection, your presence may not be required at all, although it’s never a bad idea to be around in case we need to alert you to a problem quickly. Other than those two items, and of course, having the payment ready, we generally will not need you to do anything at all. Just sit back, relax, and let us do the work so you can look forward to a peaceful, comfortable summer!


Question: How do I know if Ultimate Roofing has a location near me? –Shireen, WinstonSalem NC

Answer: Based in Mooresville, Ultimate Roofing proudly serves the entire Charlotte metro area. If you’re looking for a roof inspection or other roofing services, we invite you to call, click, or come by our office at 710 North Broad St, Unit 24, Mooresville, NC 28115. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are happy to help get your home or business on the schedule, or direct you to a local roofer who can help you if your location is out of our usual operational zone.

Roofing inspection is an often-overlooked but vitally important part of keeping your environment cozy and comfortable all year long.

When you need the best Mooresville roof inspection, call us at (704) 285-1075, click here to contact us, or come see us at our Broad Street location in Mooresville to find out more about why for the ultimate inspection experience, Ultimate Roofing is the only name you need to know!



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