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People often underestimate the importance of a good roof. It’s what makes your home a safe shelter from the weather and helps regulate the temperature inside, but it does a lot more than that. Your roof can boost the appearance, curb appeal and value of your home—or tank it. A roof that’s out of repair can make your home a less enjoyable, comfortable, welcoming place for you and your family. It can also drive your HVAC costs up, cause unnecessary wear and tear on your heating and cooling system and allow access to molds, animals and other problems. If your business’s roof is compromised, you have all the other problems—plus it could scare off customers, compromise employee productivity, increase your incidence of sick days and cost you a lot more money than you think.

Ultimate Roofing is here to help! We’re the roofing contractor Lake Norman, Mooresville and the Charlotte metro area trusts for all your residential and commercial roofing needs, from new construction to spot repairs and tear-offs to a complete overhaul of your roof. Whether your roof is old-school shingle, clay tile or cedar shake, next-generation LEED-compliant green design or something more exotic, Ultimate Roofing has the experience, skill and capabilities to craft, repair or replace it to give you the best possible performance, protection and appeal for the best possible price around. To learn more, email us at info@ultimateroofinginc.com or call 704-285-1075 today!

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We have over 25 years experience in the roof installation, maintenance, and inspection industry.
When you have a roofing problem, nothing is more frustrating than finding out you’ve engaged a professional to resolve the issue, only to learn they left you and your roof worse off than you started. Even more aggravating, now you have to spend more money to bring someone else in to repair a problem that was supposed to be fixed already.
At Ultimate Roofing, we believe every job should be treated like it’s the most important one we’ll ever do, because to you and the people you care about, it is. Every single person on our staff is committed to making sure your roofing job is done right the first time, every time. We don’t offer “solutions” that don’t actually address your issue or sell you some whizbang solution your roof doesn’t actually need to do its job. We also don’t leave the job half-done or improperly completed. You shouldn’t have to gamble the comfort and safety of your home or business—and with Ultimate Roofing, you don’t have to!

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01. Visiting on Your Space
When you contact Ultimate Roofing, we get there fast. Our friendly, professional technicians will inspect your roof and ceilings thoroughly and identify the problem areas. Then we work with you to determine the best course of action. Once everyone’s agreed on how to proceed, we’ll get to work as quickly as possible to get you the fast, efficient results you deserve and a roof in peak condition.
02. Giving Incharge to the Right Person

At Ultimate Roofing, we believe the person who’s best qualified to determine what your roof needs is YOU. Unlike a lot of other companies, we won’t strong-arm you into things you don’t need or try to pressure you into a process that forces you to pay more than you need to get real results. We strongly believe in working with the home or business owner to make sure they keep ownership over every step of the process and get the results they deserve. That’s why Ultimate Roofing has the great reputation we enjoy, and how we intend to continue to earn it with every client and every job, every day!

03. Working Like Personal Work
Everyone at Ultimate Roofing takes every job we undertake personally. For us, it’s a job, but we understand that for our customers, it’s their homes, their sanctuaries or their livelihoods on the line. That means real people with hopes and dreams, desires and fears, from the youngest baby to the oldest senior citizen, counting on us to make sure their roof works the way it’s supposed to. Sure, our reputation is important to us, but it’s nowhere near as important as making sure the job is done right. That’s why we treat every job we take like we’re doing it for our own homes, or those of our family and friends. And it’s why Ultimate Roofing is Mooresville’s trusted roofing contracting for jobs of every size!
04. Finish Project Happy Movement

Unlike some roofing contractors, Ultimate Roofing isn’t satisfied until you are. We work hard from start to finish to make sure you have complete ownership of the outcome at every step, so you get the outstanding results you expect. Owner Joe Hughes and every member of our staff and field team believe the job is only done when you’re happy with the outcome and you’ve got a roof that will perform the way you deserve, no matter what the weather or the thermometer does. To find out more, email us at info@ultimateroofinginc.com or call 704-285-1075!

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We provide the most reliable and high-quality commercial roofing service. With a skilled, experienced team like ours, we can offer a broad range of services. You can count on us to finish the job in a timely manner and remain on-budget as well. We do: Inspections, Replacement, Reroofing, Repair, Maintenance, Flashing Repair & Replacement, Flat, Low-Slope & Sloped Roof Expertise.

Roof Coating and Installation

A good roof should be waterproof and resistant to both heat and cold. Whether it’s the peak of summer or the dead of winter, you should be able to easily cool and warm your house as necessary without breaking the bank. If you’ve noticed water spots on the ceiling or your climate control bills rising without a good explanation, your roof may need repair. Call Ultimate Roofing for roof coating and insulation you can rely on!







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As a company that specializes in commercial buildings, we have worked on various types of structures. No matter how big your building is or how original the architecture, we are ready to take on the job. Call us today to find out more about the materials and services we offer our customers.

Ultimate Roofing is the roofing contractor Mooresville and the greater Lake Norman area trusts for all your residential and commercial roofing needs. Whether you’re looking for a contractor for your new construction project, someone to handle spot repairs and tear-offs, or a complete overhaul and rehab of your existing roof, Ultimate Roofing has the experience, skill and capabilities to craft, repair or replace it to give you the best possible performance, protection and appeal for the best possible price around. To learn more, email us at info@ultimateroofinginc.com or call 704-285-1075 today!

When our owner, Joe Hughes, came into the workforce, he brought with him a dedication to service and the work ethic to execute it which he credits his military brat upbringing with providing. He soon parlayed that desire into the Ultimate brand, offering plumbing, repair and roofing services for residential and commercial customers. Today, Ultimate Roofing is the premier roofing contractor in the greater Lake Norman area for new construction, repairs and complete rehabilitation and reconstruction work.

Ultimate Roofing is dedicated to being Mooresville’s premier roofing contractor with fair prices and personal service.
Ultimate Roofing is committed to treating every customer and every job the same way we would our own family, with fair pricing, accurate service and results that reflect our work ethic and our dedication to outcomes our customers can enjoy with confidence.