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Are you looking for a Mooresville roofer who delivers quality work fast, even when you need emergency roofing? Has your roof given you years of faithful service but now is starting to show its age? Is your climate control bill getting out of control even though you haven’t changed your usage patterns? Are you just ready for a fresh look, or have you started to notice signs of water damage because your roof is shot signaling you need Mooresville roof repair? Are you in the greater Lake Norman or Mooresville, NC area, including the Charlotte metro?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Ultimate Roofing, Inc. is the Mooresville roofer you need! 

We offer a full range of roofing services for residential and commercial applications, all backed by the quality, skill, and excellence Mooresville and the surrounding area have come to know and trust from the Ultimate brand. Whether you need a quick patch and repair or to completely replace your roof, Ultimate Roofing, Inc. is the local roofing company Mooresville knows and trusts for all your roofing needs.

Some of our commercial and residential roof solutions include:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Clay tile roofs
  • Emergency roofing
  • Flat roof installation
  • Full roof replacement
  • Leak repair
  • Metal roofing
  • Rain gutters and gutter guards
  • Roof inspections
  • Roof replacement
  • Roofing installations
  • Shingle roof
  • Slate roofing
  • Skylight installation
  • Storm damage repair
  • Wood shake roofing
  • And much more!

Using the best roofing technology from trusted names like Owens Corning roof shingles, the most up-to-date techniques, and old-fashioned customer service and work ethic, Ultimate Roofing, Inc. is up to the task of making your roofing project go smoothly, to ensure your roof system gives you and the people you care about years of worry-free service, keeping the weather out and your home or business dry, cozy and comfortable no matter what the season. Whether your roof material is basic asphalt roof shingles or you’ve got a wood shakes roof, whether the roof is flat or pitched, Ultimate Roofing, Inc. is proud to serve Mooresville and the surrounding area with roofing and remodeling services that are second to none. To learn more about how Ultimate Roofing, Inc. can help you get the roof you and your family or employees and customers deserve, click here to contact us! And to find out more about Ultimate Roofing, Inc. and getting great roofing in Mooresville NC, keep reading for our Frequently Asked Questions about all things roof-related!


Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing From Your Mooresville Roofer


Ultimate Roofing is the greater Lake Norman and Mooresville area’s trusted provider of roofing solutions that go above and beyond just keeping the rain off your head!


Question: How often should I have my roof inspected for possible problems? –Amanda, Mooresville, NC

Answer: It’s a good idea to have your roof inspected at least once a year, preferably during the spring or fall when the weather conditions are milder and less extreme. Some companies say you should only have your roof inspected when you start noticing signs of water damage, leakage from the roof, or irregularities in your heating bill. The problem with this approach is, damage from extreme weather such as summer storms, lightning strikes, or freeze-thaw patterns almost never happen right when you’re having the roof inspected anyway. Roofs are not self-healing, which means any damage incurred during these events can spread and grow out of control before your next scheduled inspection, making it more difficult and expensive to fix. At Ultimate Roofing, Inc., we recommend you consider having your roof inspected if any of the following is true of your situation:

  • You haven’t had your roof inspected in at least 12 calendar months;
  • After a significant severe weather event;
  • After any smoke or fire incident in your home;
  • Or if you notice signs of water infiltration from the roof such as discoloration in the ceiling or dampness in the walls near the ceiling line.

The obvious advantage to having a concrete schedule and plan for inspecting your roof consistently is that doing so can definitely help minimize any damage to your home, belongings or your family’s health from defects, damage, or problems with your roof. Regular inspections also help keep the cost of any necessary repairs down and allow you to identify problem areas before they become difficult, expensive renovation projects rather than simple fixes.


Question: I’m thinking about a cedar shake roof, but I’m not sure how long they last? –Linda, Mooresville, NC

Answer: As roofing materials go, cedar shakes are some of the most elegant and environmentally friendly options around. With regular inspection and maintenance, and assuming no catastrophic damage from unusually severe weather, fire, lightning strikes, and so on, your cedar shake roof should be good for at least 30 years, with some homeowners reporting lifespans of over 50 years. Of course, your roof should be checked regularly for damaged and split shakes, water leakage, and other signs of damage. Any damaged shakes should definitely be replaced as soon as possible to help your roof maintain its beauty and functionality and give you the excellent results you and your family deserve!


Question: Why do copper roofs turn green? –Joel, Mooresville, NC

Answer: Copper is a reactive element that oxidizes, or rusts, in the presence of water and air over time. If this oxidization is not cleaned off, you end up with a green appearance called a patina. You’ve probably noticed this in old pennies which have been exposed to a lot of weather or water and not properly cleaned off. You can also see this phenomenon in the Statue of Liberty, which is made of copper, or the domes of capitol buildings all over the US. The green patina helps to protect and preserve the underlying material, unlike iron rust, which keeps going until it eats away the metal. Of course, on the Eastern seaboard, we definitely highly recommend against the use of copper as a roofing material, both because of corrosion and because copper is also a great conductor of electricity, meaning it’s more likely to attract a lightning bolt during storms and some people don’t like the color when the patina sets in! This is why you’ll notice that many buildings with copper roofs also have lightning rods, to help channel lightning away from the roof properly and give it a safe route to the ground.


Question: Why do gutter guards matter for my roof? –George, Mooresville, NC

Answer: Gutter guards help keep leaves, debris, and even small animals out of your gutters so they can properly channel water away from the roof and down to the ground, preventing standing water damage and helping keep water from leaking into the interior of the building. Some people don’t like or want them because they feel like the guards are aesthetically unpleasing, but anyone who’s ever done gutter cleaning in the springtime after a hard winter can tell you gutter guards will save you a ton of time, labor and headaches—and probably keep you from having to deal with some fairly gross things, like dead birds and small rodents! That’s why your Mooresville roofers recommend having gutter guards


Question: Is metal roofing dangerous to have because of lightning? –Norm, Mooresville, NC

Answer: The short answer is, it depends on the kind of metal. Tin or corrugated metal roofing is less conductive than copper, which means it’s less likely to build up the type of static charge that leads to lightning strikes, to begin with. Also, a lot of people like the sound of rain on a metal roof, or prefer to use metal roofing as a matter of tradition or historical accuracy. Metal’s biggest advantage over wood is that it’s less susceptible to water damage. However, the biggest drawback of metal roofing is that when a section goes, it will often have sharp edges which can be dangerous on its own but also can compromise the adjacent sections. Having said that, with proper workmanship by a skilled craftsman, a metal roof should give you decades of worry-free protection from the elements, especially if you’re using it for a garage or shed!


Question:  Does the kind of shingles I use on my roof matter, or can I mix it up when I do my home makeover? –Maria, Mooresville, NC

Answer: To a degree, yes, it does. The pitch, or slope, of your roof, plays a major role in determining what sort of roofing materials would work best for your home, as well as the overall design. Imagine a Victorian house with a Spanish clay tile roof or a Craftsman ranch with a tin roof. Not a very appealing picture, is it? A sharper pitch would lend itself better to shingles or possibly shakes than tile or a metal roof, while a shallow pitch is more forgiving and allows for more options in the type of roofing you go with. However, there’s another important point to consider: the weight. If your roof was designed with asphalt shingle in mind, and you want to go with clay tiles, your roof might not be able to take the excess weight without structural reinforcement. When you call Ultimate Roofing, Inc. for your free estimate, we’ll take a look at the roof and recommend alternate roofing types your home should be able to withstand.


Question: What does “pitch” mean when you’re talking about roofing? –Michael, Troutman, NC

Answer: The pitch is the angle of the roof, expressed as a fraction of “rise” over “run,” an equation you may be familiar with from high school math. For example, a 4/12 pitch like you see on most ranch houses means the roof “rises” four inches for every twelve horizontal inches of “run.” A 12/12 pitch is a very steep 45-degree angle most commonly seen in America in Victorian or Cape Cod-style homes, although you can find them in other forms of architecture like church roofs as well. A 1/12 pitch is nearly flat and most commonly used in the Southwest with clay tile roofing. Anything under a 6/12 pitch is considered low pitch because it’s easy to walk on, but 6/12 and above is considered a steep pitch roof. Steep pitch roofs require special safety gear such as tie-off harnesses and toe boards to walk and work on safely. You can roughly calculate the pitch of your roof using a protractor to measure the approximate angle your roof forms with the horizon line.


Question: What questions should I ask my Mooresville roofing contractor when I need roof repair? –Matt, Mooresville, NC

Answer: This is a great question that, honestly, we wish more people asked! When you’re looking for a roofer Mooresville and the surrounding area can rely on, some questions you should ask include:

Do you offer free estimates?

Most roofing contractors these days will be happy to give you a free estimate on request, although the numbers you’re quoted could vary widely depending on the type of roof, materials they intend to use, and, frankly, how good they are at their job. Also, beware of roofers using high-pressure sales tactics to try to nudge you to act before you’re ready! Ultimate Roofing, Inc. takes pride in offering a fair price for the results you get, so when the job is done, you’ll feel like your time and money were well spent. And we never give you a hard sell!

Do you have a contractor’s license?

In the state of North Carolina, contractors are required by law to carry state licensure, mandatory insurance and to be bonded against incidental damage caused by their actions. Many fly-by-night roofers and con artists will try to downplay this or say it’s not that big a deal. Always look to make sure the contractor is listed on the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors website, so you know you’re dealing with a reputable Mooresville roofing company and not a shady jumped-up maintenance person!

Do you have reviews on Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau, Yelp! and/or Google?

A reputable roofing company with a high BBB rating and good reviews will be happy to give you this information, and in fact, many post it right on their websites so you can quickly and easily check out their reputation. The absence of reviews doesn’t always mean a given roofing contractor doesn’t do a good job, but verified reviews from residential and commercial customers the contractor has worked within the recent past can go a long way toward putting you at ease with your choice. If you’re pleased with the results you get from Ultimate Roofing, Inc., we request you give us a review on your favorite websites to help others find us and get the same great results!

Do you work with homeowners’ insurance carriers?

At Ultimate Roofing, Inc., we know dealing with unexpected roofing issues is a pain, and dealing with insurance companies is never a lot of fun. We’re happy to help you file a claim with your homeowners’ policy and work with your carrier to make sure your roof, and your life, get back to normal as quickly as possible!

Question: I think I may need roof repair in Mooresville NC but I’m worried it’s going to cost too much. How much money should I expect to pay for a Mooresville roofing company to work on the leak repair my roof needs? –Kaitlin, Mooresville, NC

Answer: Most any local roofing contractor in Mooresville, or for that matter anywhere in North Carolina, will tell you that the cost to repair or replace local roofing depends on a number of factors. High-tech roof technologies or a “green” roofing system may cost more to repair than standard two-layer asphalt shingle roofs. A flat roof may be easier to work on than executed a steep pitch shingle roof repair. Having one spot or area repaired due to hail damage will obviously be easier and less expensive than having to do a complete roof removal and roof replacement. If storm damage such as a lightning bolt gave your home or business an unexpected and unwanted skylight installation, this could lead to additional expenses because you have to account not only for the cost of quality roof materials and repairs, but other damages within the building such as water, elemental and mold damage to windows, drywall or any appliance repair which may be necessary because of the storm.

Mooresville Roofer

Now, before you get too stressed out, panic and think about moving out and giving up on your slice of the American dream, bear in mind that we’re talking about the worst-case scenarios here. It’s important that homeowners and business owners understand just how essential their roof is to creating a safe, comfortable environment for them and the people who live and work with them, but that doesn’t mean we want to scare you to death needlessly either. The best way to find out how much you can expect your roofing repair to cost and how long it should take is to contact reputable roofing contractors in Mooresville like Ultimate Roofing for a free, no-obligation roof estimate. We pride ourselves on the way we serve Mooresville, the Lake Norman area and the greater Charlotte metro areas, going above and beyond to give you an honest, accurate quote for your roof repairs and how we recommend the project be approached, without high-pressure sales tactics or “hard sells.” And since we only use the best materials from top names like Owens Corning, GAF and Certainteed, you can always be sure you’re going to get the exceptional results, outstanding satisfaction and great performance you should expect from a highly recommended Mooresville roofing company at a reasonable price. To schedule a roof inspection and estimate for your house or business, please contact us today by clicking here!


Question: I would like to know if Ultimate Roofing is currently hiring? –Abel, Mooresville, NC

Answer: If you’re interested in careers working for the roofer Mooresville trusts, Ultimate Roofing is ALWAYS on the lookout for great, professional Mooresville roofers to join our team! While we prefer experienced roofers with their own tools, we’re always willing to train the right candidates who share the old-fashioned work ethic and customer service that has made Ultimate Roofing the premier Mooresville roofing contractor. We’re especially interested in people with commercial and residential wood, shingle and metal roof repair experience, as well as those with siding, remodeling and complete roof installation experience. More importantly, though, we’re looking for personnel who approach each project with a view to solving the customer’s problems quickly and correctly, while answering any questions about the roofing services and solutions we provide professionally, honestly and accurately. To find out more about Ultimate Roofing and to see if you’ve got what it takes to join the best roofing company in the Charlotte metro area, email us at today with your resume and cover letter!


Question: How do I know if my roof is doing its job, and what are some signs it isn’t? –Mac, Mooresville, NC

Answer: The great thing about roofing is that it’s one of the rare areas where it’s possible and even easy to prove a negative! Fact is, most roofing experts agree the first indication of a possible roofing problem in homes usually isn’t water or wind infiltration, unless your roof is damaged by snow, hail or other storm damage. Instead, it’s a steady, creeping climb in your energy bill as you get into the hotter and colder times of the year and your building’s heating and air conditioning systems have to work harder to maintain a stable temperature while the outside temps and weather change. If you notice your energy bill rising even though nothing else in how you use the system has changed, or if you’re using your HVAC less and still paying more for it, that’s exceptional enough to warrant checking a few things.

Obviously, the second sign is if you notice water where water shouldn’t be, especially on upper-floor ceilings. This could indicate you have a leaking sprinkler system if your home or business is equipped with one, or it could indicate that you have a roof leak. Generally, leaking roofs are the more likely culprit because the requirements for how a sprinkler system is installed are so rigid. If it’s the roof, you should be able to tell fairly quickly by spot-checking areas of your house like the garage, porch overhang, decks, kitchen and bathrooms, especially if you have a single-story home. This is because roof damage very rarely happens in only one place at one time, and where you find one damaged area, there are likely multiple others.

One place that many a homeowner is surprised to find out roofing damage can show up is in your sewer or septic system! Oftentimes, especially after heavy storms, precipitation that falls from the sky isn’t properly caught and redirected by your roof’s gutter system. When this happens, the stray water can get into the walls and cracks around windows, but it also soaks into the landscaping around your home and ends up in the sewer and/or septic systems. Because these systems are normally designed to accept only a limited flow, they may flood. If this happens, you could get sewage backup into your home or business bathroom, causing not only a nasty mess but forcing an expensive repair and remodel bill because of water and mold damage!

If you notice indications of roof damage, or even if you just can’t remember when your roof last had any maintenance or an inspection, it’s a good idea to get a Mooresville roofer like Ultimate Roofing out to have a look. Having the damaged areas repaired at the first sign of trouble is always better than waiting. It could save you a fortune on having your roof replaced later, and get more years of reliable service from your roof without having to worry!


Question: What cities in Charlotte metro does Ultimate Roofing service? I have a house in Albemarle with a roof that needs replacing. Can you help? –Liam, Mooresville, NC

Answer: Ultimate Roofing is your locally owned and operated Mooresville roofing contractors, and serves the entire Charlotte metro area, including Mooresville and Lake Norman. Since we get asked this a lot, here is a partial list of some of the communities around the 704 area we provide Mooresville roofing contractor services to. If you don’t see your town on the list, don’t worry—just give us a call and ask! If we don’t go there ourselves, we’ll be happy to put you in touch with industry-leading, reputable builders who will give you the same great service and customer satisfaction Ultimate Roofing has built its reputation on!

Ultimate Roofing is proud to handle all your roofing installation, maintenance, inspection, repair and replacement needs in the following communities:

  • Albemarle
  • Charlotte
  • Concord
  • Cornelius
  • Davidson
  • Denver
  • Huntersville
  • Indian Trail
  • Iron Station
  • Lake Norman
  • Lincolnton
  • Mint Hill
  • Mooresville
  • Salisbury
  • Statesville
  • And more!

Whether you’re a homeowner buying a new house for the first time, doing home improvement including replacing your roof or just looking to get a longer service life from your roof, Ultimate Roofing can help keep you and your family, tenants or employees comfortable even on the highest-temperature days and through the coldest nights with a roof that works hard keeping the interior of your home or business comfortable and welcoming all year long. Click here to contact us to learn more about how easy it is to get peace of mind and a roof you can trust for years to come!


Question: How does the Ultimate Roofing crew deal with keeping themselves and their customers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic? –Ruth, Mooresville, NC

Answer: On this FAQ, we can honestly say this is probably the second most asked question we get these days, for good reason! The safety, privacy and security of our crews, our customers and their families, employees and loved ones is always Ultimate Roofing’s first priority. It’s true that the work we do is important and we’re proud of the results we deliver, but we also know we can’t deliver that work without trust, and that means being willing to consider and to do everything it takes to work quickly and efficiently while also emphasizing both regular jobsite safety protocols and those arising from the need to crush the COVID-19 pandemic until whenever the CDC or other competent authority says it’s over.

Like most other companies, Ultimate Roofing maintains strict social distancing and chemical sanitizing guidelines. Our crews are required to mask up, especially when dealing with customers. Once any of our employees starts showing symptoms of illness that has any chance of being due to COVID, no matter what they are or how mild, they are not allowed to come to work until they can show either a doctor’s note or a negative COVID test. With the rise of the Delta and Omicron variants, we’re keeping a close eye on the COVID-19 situation, and we’re ready to take any other action necessary to make our jobsites as safe for our workers and home and business owners alike as possible.

We want to see the COVID-19 pandemic go away just as much as anyone else, and we’re using every resource and tool at our disposal to provide maximum safety while still working hard to finish the job with the very professional workmanship and quality that surpasses expectations and keeps our customers satisfied and happy with the results they get. It’s this dedication to quality and craftsmanship that has made Ultimate Roofing Mooresville’s roofing contractor of choice—and it’s how we’ll continue to serve our customers, through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond!


Question: Does Ultimate Roofing offer a warranty on their work? –Veronica, Mooresville, NC

Answer: Yes, we do! We understand that having a roofing solution implemented can be stressful and frustrating at times, and we do everything we can to be thorough yet sensitive to the needs of our customers both during and after the install. Whenever we work on one of the wide range of project we tackle, whether we’re repairing roofs on garages, repairing the awning over a deck or doing a complete design install on a new place, Ultimate Roofing takes pride in using only the highest quality materials. More importantly still, we back our work with an industry leading warranty that really demonstrates how much our word to our customers is worth to us. We’re not happy until our customers are completely satisfied with the service and quality they’ve received, and we take our commitments seriously even after we’ve cleaned up the jobsite and driven away for the last time. If at any time a customer says they wouldn’t highly recommend us in reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, Angie’s List, Yelp!, Google or Facebook, we’re willing to do whatever it takes to make sure they would before we leave and afterward.


Whether you have a small roof leak or need major roof repair, Ultimate Roofing, Inc. is here to make sure that when we’re done with your roofing job, it works even better than it looks. Click here to contact us for a free estimate at no obligation, or call us at (704) 285-1075 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


Business Things to Do in Mooresville


City Hall

If you’re looking for a Mooresville contractor, a building permit, or just about anything else, Mooresville City Hall should be your first stop. Located at 413 N Main St, Mooresville, NC 28115, City Hall is open from 8:30 am-5 pm Monday through Friday. Be sure to take a stroll through the grounds if you have time and check out the interesting local history and garden!


Chamber of Commerce

Want to get in with local businesses, find out what’s around and what the latest happenings are in Mooresville? The Mooresville-South Iredell Chamber of Commerce has you covered. Located at 149 E Iredell Ave, Mooresville, NC 28115, they keep the same hours as City Hall and can give you all the advice, news, and information you need to conduct business in or do business with reputable contractors and businesses in the Mooresville area!


Fun Things to do in Mooresville


Just like you, we have lives outside our work, and we like to have fun too. Want to get out of the house and have some fun with the family or just you and your significant other? Check out these fun and interesting places in Mooresville from your friends at Ultimate Roofing, Inc!



NASCAR and auto racing

Mooresville is known as Race City USA for a reason, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t start with the sport that put our area on the map. Some of the biggest names in NASCAR, and some of the all-time greats of NC auto racing in general, are either headquartered or memorialized here. The North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame and Walk of Fame features legends from stock, drag, and Formula One racing. JR Motorsports, Penske Racing South Facility, and Kyle Busch Motorsports are among the top 10 best and most popular places for those who crave the high-octane excitement of auto racing even during the off-season. For those who are more into nostalgia, the Memory Lane Museum offers a huge selection of antique cars, memorabilia, and collectors’ pieces. Want to buy your own piece of automotive history? Check out Shelton Classics and Performance right here in Mooresville!


Antiques and Galleries

One of Mooresville’s best-kept secrets is our plethora of art galleries, vintage craft and antique stores, which has made the area a Mecca for antique hounds ranging from hardcore collectors to casual browsers. Take a turn through Main St. Antiques and Design Gallery for one-of-a-kind gifts and that perfect piece to tie your living room, den or bedroom décor together. Stroll the Lake Norman Antique Mall, the American Classic Antique Mall, Lost N Found Vintage Mall and Cotton Ketchie’s Landmark Galleries for a unique blend of kitsch and fine art, sure to appeal to both the art historian and the hobbyist alike. Also, be sure to take a walk down Main Street and enjoy the Americana-style architecture and the down-home Southern hospitality North Carolina is known for!


Kid Stuff

Of course, not all the galleries and museums are kid-friendly, but that’s okay! The Mooresville area has you covered with a lot of great family attractions and activities. Take a wagon ride and get up close and personal with exotic wildlife including zebras, giraffes, kangaroos, and more at the Lazy 5 Ranch, a perennial item on Top 10 lists for the area. Visit the petting zoo, go apple and pumpkin picking (in season) and walk along the riverbank at Carrigan Farms. For tours, educational programs, and camps featuring live exotic animals in a family-friendly setting, Zootastic Park in Troutman is where you want to be. If live animals and the great outdoors aren’t your family’s speed, check out The Pit Indoor Kart Racing and take a victory lap around the kart track, play video games, conquer escape rooms, zap your way to a win at laser tag and more! Or, for something a bit more off the wall, how about testing your mettle and getting on the climbing walls at Cliff Hangers?


Food and Beverage

Want to grab a bite while you’re out exploring the town? If you’re interested in dining lakeside in a casual atmosphere, the Blue Parrot Grill is the place to be—especially if you’re bringing the family pup! If you don’t have the kids in tow, stop by the Lake Norman Brewing Company and check out one of their house draft microbrews. Need a haircut? Why not pair it with a craft beer at the Kilted Buffalo? Or stop by Josh’s Farmer’s Market and buy your own farm-fresh fixings for a home-cooked meal!