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Welcome to Ultimate Roofing, Inc.!


We’re pleased that you’re interested in the roofing solutions we provide, and we’re happy to have you with us. The history of the Ultimate brand is well-known in Mooresville and the greater Charlotte metro area, both for its solid roots in giving back through community service and for excellence at every step of the job, from the moment we take your call to the last time we pull away from your home or business. Everyone at Ultimate Roofing, Inc. is excited to show you how we can help you get your roof up to top condition for years of worry-free, comfortable living!


About Ultimate Roofing, Inc.


Our founder, Joe Hughes, comes from a rich service background. Growing up as a military brat, the importance of excellent service to every customer and the wider community was a daily aspect of his life. When he entered the workforce and founded the Ultimate brand, he brought that vision and work ethic with him. Today, Ultimate Roofing, Inc. is one of the Charlotte area’s premier roofing contractors because Joe refuses to accept less from his employees than he demands from himself, making sure every customer and every job is treated like the most important one we’ll ever have—because it is! In fact, this idea is baked right into the DNA of our company in our vision statement: Ultimate Roofing is dedicated to being Mooresville’s premier roofing contractor with fair prices and personal service.


Services by Ultimate Roofing, Inc.


Ultimate Roofing, Inc. is proud to offer a complete range of roofing solutions, from simple spot repairs and tear-offs to complete roof construction from the gables and eaves up! Our full suite of roofing services includes:


Residential Roofing

Has your home’s roof seen too many years of sun, wind, rain, heat, and cold come and go? Is your winter heating bill out of control? Are you noticing water in your home where no water should be? Do you just want a different look with the same great results your current roof is delivering? If so, your roof may be due for repairs. Ultimate Roofing, Inc. can help with simple repairs, complete reconstruction and more, to keep your roof looking and performing great for years to come!


Roof Siding

Are your roof siding, fascia, gutters, and/or downspouts worn, faded, or damaged? Every part of your roof has a part to play in keeping the spaces beneath comfortable and sheltered from the elements. Also, worn-out ornamental roof surfaces and utilities can make your home look older and more dilapidated than it is, dragging down curb appeal and market value. Ultimate Roofing, Inc. has the skills, knowledge, and ability to restore the beautiful look and full function of your roof so you get the performance you deserve!


Damage Roof Repair

Has your roof been damaged by extreme weather, fire, wind or simply hanging on too long? Does your home suddenly have a skylight you didn’t intend on having? Is your heating bill going literally through the roof? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need Ultimate Roofing, Inc. We work fast to correct damage caused by high winds, heavy rain, and snow, as well as restoring roofs that have just been exposed to the ravages of time and weather a season or two more than they could take, so you and your family can sleep easier in superior comfort and cut your heating bill back down to size!


Commercial Roofing

The roof on your building says a lot about your company and the kind of people who work there. More important still, a roof that isn’t performing up to scratch is going to cost you more to heat and cool the working spaces, lowers rental or sale value, and could be setting you up for bigger problems down the road. Ultimate Roofing, Inc. specializes in commercial roofing for small, medium, and enterprise businesses of every size and description, from “hole in the wall” restaurants to hospitals, so you, your staff, and your clientele can have a better, safer, more cost-effective and more enjoyable place to work or relax!



Your home’s siding is just as important as the walls and the roof. Siding provides extra protection against the elements, increases the effectiveness of insulation, and improves the appearance of your home or business. At Ultimate Roofing, Inc., we don’t just stop at the roofline. We can provide siding solutions for any size project, from a simple repair on a damaged section to a complete redo of your siding, maximizing visual and curb appeal while optimizing the protection your siding affords your home for beautiful, worry-free results you’ll be proud to claim for years!


Roof Leak Maintenance and Repair

If you’ve got a small leak, you’ve got the first step to a big problem! Leaks don’t get smaller over time, and they won’t just go away on their own. Ultimate Roofing, Inc. can help with a complete, professional roof inspection to evaluate any potential failure points and repair the areas that need it before they have a chance to spread and undermine the structural and weatherproof integrity of your roof and your home!


Contact Ultimate Roofing, Inc. Today For All Your Roofing Needs


Ultimate Roofing, Inc. serves the Mooresville and Charlotte area for residential, commercial, and industrial jobs, from simple repairs to ground-up builds and much more! To find out how Ultimate Roofing, Inc. can help your home or business get the roofing results you deserve at a fair price, we encourage you to call us at (704) 285-1075; click here to contact us using our simple, online form; or, for more urgent inquiries or general information, email us at info@ultimateroofinginc.com. Every member of the Ultimate Roofing, Inc. staff is happy to answer all your questions so you get real, honest answers and information that helps you make the right decision for your building, lifestyle, and budget. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and let you experience the Ultimate Roofing, Inc. difference for yourself. We’re confident that once you do, Ultimate Roofing, Inc. will be the only contractor you use and tell your friends and family about for all your roofing needs!



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